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About me

No, I didn't do that cool graffiti myself. It's on a wall in Chamonix, France.

No, I didn't do that cool graffiti myself. It's on a wall in Chamonix, France.


I'm Topi. Nice to meet you!

I'm a geographer (M.Sc.) with a business degree (BBA) from Helsinki, Finland. Besides normal work (Project Specialist in the Ministry of the Enviroment) and normal(ish) hobbies, I'm enthusiastic about geospatial data, visualizing it and learning the latest tricks in modern GIS.

Sounds like a weird and geeky hobby, huh? Well maybe it is, but this page is here so I can share my geekiness with you!

My work has featured for example on the Daily MailIltalehti and on the front page of Reddit. I have made custom animations for few of the biggest online medias in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat and YLE. In 2018 I have been speaking about my data visualizations at OpenVisConf and Visualizing Knowledge.

I Mostly work with:

QGIS - The GIS deskotp software is the main tool for my spatial data tinkering. Taking most out of all the great plugins it has.
PostGIS - There are moments in life when shapefiles just aren't enough. This spatial database does enables of my data crunching.
Python - Scripting and extending QGIS with custom Python can take data visualization to the next level.
Open data - It can be small or big, spatial or non-spatial. As long as it's interesting. 
All FOSS4G - I use also other Free Open Source Software for GIS. Whatever does the trick!
GIMP / Photoshop - Often also some image manipulation is needed. For that extra touch!
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